First Edge made an unbelievable comeback to WWE, and now his tag team partner Christian has also returned.

Christian, 46, had been retired from WWE since 2014 after a string of concussions.

Christian confronted Randy Orton to kick off RAW

Christian confronted Randy Orton to kick off RAW

Although the former two-time heavyweight champion has made fleeting appearances on screen, he never got into any physical altercations until last night.

Randy Orton – whom Christian had a fantastic feud with in 2011 over the world title – delivered a running punt after Ric Flair low-blowed Captain Charisma just one day removed from defeating Edge in the ‘greatest wrestling match ever’.

It started with Christian coming out to defend Edge who Orton was running down in a promo to kick off RAW.

After a little back-and-forth, Orton said he could tell Christian wanted one more match and challenged him to an unsanctioned fight.

The fact that Christian has gotten medical clearance to get physically involved like that is likely the same first step Edge took when he speared Elias at SummerSlam in 2019.

Months later, Edge would made a stunning return after nine years away at the Royal Rumble, and while there is no information regarding a new WWE contract for Christian or his future plans right now, it seems like he could be tipping his proverbial toe in the water.

talkSPORT spoke to Christian last month and he denied having any interest in getting back into a wrestling ring in that capacity.

When asked about whether he would come out of retirement like Daniel Bryan or Edge, Christian replied: “No, they’re different injuries. I just think that there’s not enough known yet about concussions and those sorts of things.

Ric Flair betrayed Christian proving he still has Orton’s back

Ric Flair betrayed Christian proving he still has Orton’s back

“My situation is much different than Daniel Bryan’s. He was, what, in his early 30s when this happened? I was in my 40s, so very different parts of our careers, and I feel like I’m content with what I accomplished.

“I just don’t feel the need to go back and dip my toes in the water at all.”

Since retirement, Christian had a very successful podcast with Edge and they had a TV show – E&C’s Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness – but it seems like the lure of wrestling and the money that comes with it remains.

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